Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Never let it be said...

Never let it be said that when people are talking God isn't talking through them. I'm not talking about the "regular" time we should be listening, bible study, church, church meeting, I'm talking about the everyday everywhere moments. Man, God is soooo good! I'm talking to a really close friend of mine, we have alot in common, especially the move in ministry from largeness to humbleness. All he did was start talking about what the transition was like and I felt like God was speaking audibly through him. Man, I can't say it enough how good God is!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Phenomenal Disappointment

Phenomenon on NBC,wow, I was so looking forward to this show, but it was a huge bust. I've never experienced a show tank so fast before. I had it set to record all the shows each week but I quickly changed that! Don't waste your time in watching it because you'll never get that hour back. Believe me, I rather braid my back hair than watch that terrible show again!

What I'm still learning from Dad

I thought I had learned all that I could from my dad but I guess I was wrong. The other day my dad called and left a message on my voicemail and in that moment I realized that I have been out of my dad's house for over 15 years and I can't remember a week where he hasn't called me to check up and see how I was doing. Some weeks are small talk driven, some we have something to really say and talk about but every week my dad calls and tells me he loves me. My dad has demonstrated and modeled for me what a dad should do for his kids. Man, he is cool like that. No matter what my week has been like I can depend on that call. I can still learn a thing or two from my dad but in all honesty I bet if I continue to let the Holy Spirit speak I can learn a whole lot more! I love you dad. Thanks for being my teacher. You make me proud to be your son.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Anniversary

She's my lady and today we celebrate 13 years of richer poorer and in sickness and health. I love her. She is my bride and I can only hope to love her more everyday. But that is simply impossible if I don't first love my creator. It is in loving Him that my grace, mercy and love can increase for her. In myself I am nothing and without her I have nothing. Happy anniversary Beautiful. I love you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The aftermath

So I've been on sick leave. Went to the game Saturday, had what i would liken as a spiritual experience, and came home and got sick from the weather. The day could not have been scripted any better. While the Hawks won and the score was 10-6 it really didn't show the excitement there was in the game. It could have easily been 23-6 it hadn't been for 2 4th down and 6 on Illinois 30 yard line (no confidence in there kicker) and one interception near the goal line. None the less me and my brother arrived to tailgate at 7am. By 8 we were eating smoke salmon and chili cheese dogs. Those cheese dogs were awesome but the aftermath was explosive! I'm working on the video of highlights I hope to have up soon.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fulfilling a boyhood dream

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to see a Iowa game from the stands. Well, tomorrow is that day. T-minus 26 hours and counting. While I never would have imagined living back in Iowa, I never even fathomed I would be seeing the Hawkeyes play in their stadium.

I wonder why we die to our childhood dreams? Maybe some are "unrealistic" or maybe we become disinterested. I'm not sure why but the boy inside of me is doing cart wheels and driving my parents crazy in the back seat repeating the Iowa fight song! Stoked is an understatement. Tomorrow morning my brother and I head out at 6:30am for tail gating. The Hawks will probably get their butts handed to them on a silver platter but I don't really care. Hmmm, I wonder what other childhood dreams are lying dormant that I could pursue? Life is good!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ode to a yawn

When I see you
I can't help but repeat you,
It starts with a little lip quiver
and then expands big enough to swallow a river

O little yawn, what are you all about?
I am constantly trying to figure you out.

They say to let you go in company is rude
but I say, "Don't be a prude"
Out with you oh little yawn,
be free until tomorrow's new dawn.

So I just finished a convo with my pal Eric on skype (video calling, very sweet), and he yawns, right, what is up with that? Why is it when we see someone yawn it makes us yawn? It's one of those mysteries that has left me scratching my head for years. So I went in search of the "holy grail" and do you know what I found? Governments have actually spent tax payer dollars on finding the answer. Now if that isn't stupid! But if your curious like me you can click here to see for yourself.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Different day same....

Maybe you've heard that saying. It seems as though even for a lot of christians we live that way not because we know we don't have to but mostly because it's easier. Wake up do the normal routine whatever that is for you, go to work, come home, eat dinner, hang out, watch t.v., read, go to bed. Every once in a while throw in going out to eat or a vacation and now your really living! It's easy but when did easy become better? Sometimes I live life like I'm looking in the rear view mirror. "Good day yesterday" or "That was the best vacation ever". I'm guilty for doing that especially being in ministry. I want to live on the moment of yesterday when the truth is that God created me to live for the now and in the now He wants to do something awesome if I'll only take my eyes off the rear view mirror and focus on the road ahead. I know if I do God will surprise me with some new adventures and some new roads I've never explored. Yes, different day but it definitely doesn't have to be the same b.s..

Father, help me and the ones who read this to live today for today, turning our focus from what once was to what is going to be. Help me to make today more than yesterday. More of you today, Father, and less of me.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Summer Camp on the brain

I had a meeting in Des Moines on Thursday to break down the slamming camp we are going to have this summer! Man I'm getting pumped about it. It's gonna be out of the box and more than what I think the teenagers are bargaining for. This is the beginning of a new future for summer camp in Iowa. Nate, Josh, and myself started working on the plan. Still need to come up with a name....Summer Escape? Maybe, idk. Josh....600, I'm laughing all over again.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Where' the fall

So I've been in Iowa now for over 4 months and I'.ve been looking forward to my first fall weather in 12 years, but nothing. We've had a couple of days in the 60's but for the most part it's been in the 70's and even high 80's. As my friend James would say, "Come on!". Well, I know it will get here I'm just a little impatient. I'm going to my first ever Hawkeye game in Kinnick Stadium. Wow, I'm pumped. I'll fill you in on all the juicy details of the game next week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Learning Curve

So I'm getting into this whole blogging world. What a rush, baby! So here are some interesting blogging terminologies for us newbies. Funny and interesting:

All blogs, or the blogging community. Also called blogistan or, more rarely, blogspace.
I'm in the community now!

A person who refuses to respond to comments on their blog from people outside their circle of friends.
I'd like to refer to it as preferential treatment

When a large amount of activity, information and opinion erupts around a particular subject or controversy in the blogosphere, it is sometimes called a blogstorm or blog swarm.
That's something you probably won't see coming from this blogger

A portmanteau of "blog" and "pioneer", meaning a person who blogs with an expert or pioneering attitude.
Yeah, I'm a newbie....

Writing about personal matters that are barely interesting even to the writer -- preferably in a slightly bent fashion so as to make it fun to read in spite of the subject matter.
That's the whole point of this post!

A portmanteau of "gulag" and "blog". Used when a blog is so dismal and depressing, it's as if it were written in a Soviet labour camp.
Bring on the melancholies!

an annual quasi-Liberal webblog award.

A marriage between the words forage and video defined as "The act of foraging for video on the internet and sharing it with others." Bloggers or vloggers who share streaming or downloaded video content on the web often engage in voraging, scouring search engines and obscure websites to present a curated collection of videos that usually fall within a set theme or editorial perspective.
I'll do this one day....stay tuned.
To read more click here.

What's New

I just started to get into the show "Heros". I never been much of a t.v. show guy. I love espn and the discovery channel, shoot I even get into HGTV. But recently I been hearing about this show and it seemed like everywhere I went people were talking about it. I watched an episode last night and without knowing the whole plot I was sucked in. So if your into it and you always wondered if you were a super hero which one you would be click here to take a test. Thanks to Corey for that one.

This got me to thinking. Everywhere I went it seemed as though people were talking about this show. I wonder when it comes to non believers and followers if the followers were more aware of their surrounding and who they were with, what could be accomplished? I wonder if there were more non believers having my kind of experience? Everywhere they went they ran into people who were talking about church or God and I'm not talking about the typical way, but just people being themselves. We never know how God might use us to influence someone to walk into a church maybe for the first time in a long time. Or maybe if we all start talking about that show heroes everywhere we go the show will get so big that.....well you finish that thought.

Monday, October 1, 2007

A well needed day of lazyness

I have literally done almost nothing. I have sat in front of the t.v. with my youngest kids and surfed the net. I created this new blog, read a few blogs from people I met at innovate, lunch (left over bb-q, yummy) and I watched the starving jesus video done by Craig Gross from Those guys sure know how to whine! I have loved this day but now I fear I have face the wrath of my wife, she hates it when I don't do anything!

Back from the mecca

I just got back from a conference in granger, indiana called innovate. Good stuff. Here's some random stuff I'll take away:

1. R.O.A.R. Run out a revolution (I'll explain this later)


Why is it that every pastor I talk to they say there gifts are communication and leadership? Could that really be possible? I believe God is looking for more than that in the “pastors” of today. There are a lot of great communicators but not a lot of great listeners. This world is filled with “leaders” but I believe God is looking for great followers. Why do we think this generation only needs preaching and leading?