Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ready or Not....

Well I guess I should be writing more but this season of life has left me a little shell shocked. I have experienced the gamete of emotions. I was talking with a friend just yesterday and I was reminded that the heart is deceitful. Our emotions spring from our heart and they can not be trusted. Honestly, if I were going on just emotion there is no way I would be moving back to Florida. But in this season of life I am learning to truly trust God and lead my heart to Him. There are some emotions that have me going right now, excitement for what is going to happen with this new church plant, and anticipation for what my relationship with God will become through this new journey. Either way, there is no turning back now. I'm in Nashville and half way there. As I used to say playing my favorite child hood game hide n' seek, "Ready of not, here I come."

Father, do what it takes to keep working in me faith, don't hold back, I want to be used by you.