Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The church should go green and save some trees

If I could have a nickel for every time I've had the conversation that goes something like this:

church goer: when did we start doing 'xyz' ministry

me: 4 weeks ago...we've had it in the bulletin for 6 weeks

church goer: Wow, how did I miss that

and then I hit them on the forehead and say "you could of had a v8". ok, not really but occasionally I've wanted to slap a few people before...just being honest.

I'll admit, this post isn't of the spiritual variety but more practical. But I have to say each day I'm learning something new about God and myself in this new season of church planting and it is awesome and I promise to blog about it soon. So back to the church becoming a tree huger.

The church bulletin has gone through many face lifts from it's early days of a box of 500 preprint with a nice picture of the cross on the front so someone could print some notes on the inside all the way to some graphic savy intense catcher that doubles as an invite card.

Our church has made the decision to say good bye to the bulletin and embrace the digital era through online database, social media like facebook and twitter and yes we are still doing the throw back email to. So after 10 weeks what have people in our church been saying about not getting a bulletin? Nothing, not a peep. Nobody really misses it and yet we are still communicating and getting information out. Of course it can and does get lost in translation sometimes, that's just human, but we are finding success in doing it a new way. What about your church? Still doing a bulletin? How effective are you finding it? Maybe it's time to save some trees.


Stephanie said...

Good post!
I really love the Grow Life website. Lookin' good!

NateBeaird said...

It's amazing how many mediums we have to communicate to the peeps what going on, and people still don't know what's going on! haha...

-Bulletins (Saturday Style)
-Bulletins (Sunday & Wednesday Style)
-Restroom Announcements
-Verbal Announcements
-Screen Slides
-Table Tents

Pretty much everything short of me coming to their house and personally presenting them with Announcements...

I've been thinking about going digital, but it's a big feat for a church of traditional older generationers... you dig? Thanks for the post! Keep me updated!